Get to know the market.

Entertaining & Socializing

Entertain groups of 10 or more over 6 times Annually

Frequent local restaurants upwards of 3 times a week

Host themed parties (birthdays, holidays, special occasions) at least twice annually

Interior Decor

87% Purchase accessories, furnishings, floor, wall, & window coverings on an annual biases

84% Have or would like to install ‘plantscapes’, aquariums, home theaters, and/or games rooms

83% Redecorate / Remodel every 3 years

Outdoor Living

Upwards of 95% Utilize Landscape Services 1 or more times a week

Everyone needs Maintenance, Updates, or Installs of Landscapes (i.e. patios, decks, walkways, retaining, driveways, walls)

80% Have or would like to improve their exterior living spaces (with pools, spas, sun-rooms, porches, gazebos, awnings, fencing, entry gates, additions, etc.)

Outsourced Professional Services

92% Employ the Services of Real Estate Agents/Firms, and Mortgage Brokers

91% Utilize Financial Planning, Stock Brokers, and CPA / Tax Services

Relaxation & Leisure

Engage in Golf, Tennis, and/or Biking at least 5 Times a Month

Take part in Water Sports, Boating, Jet Skiing, and/or Fishing at Least Once a Month

Exercise, Weight Loss, or Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle at Least 4 Times a Month

Visit Day Spas, Hair & Nail Salons, Specialized Skincare Regimens, or Massage/Wellness at Least Twice a Month